Metropolitan Planning Organization

Midland Area Transportation Study

The Midland Area Transportation Study is a single purpose agency that focuses specifically on transportation planning issues, fulfilling federal requirements to maintain funding for its transportation network. MATS’ primary role is programming of transportation projects within its area and ensuring that those highway and transit projects are products of a credible planning process and meet local priorities.

MATS' goal is to assist in the development and preservation of a safe, effective, well-maintained, efficient, and economical transportation system for the Midland metropolitan area while minimizing negative impacts on the physical and social environments and related land use. The agency does utmost to ensure participation from the public and the affected agencies in the area to further develop and improve the planning process. The MATS metropolitan planning region is defined as the entire geographic County of Midland, the geographic area of City of Auburn and Williams Township within Bay County and Freeland area in Saginaw County identified as part of 2010 Midland Federal Adjusted Urban Boundary.


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