Metropolitan Planning Organization

Midland Area Transportation Study

What is the LRTP?

The LRTP is a collective vision for investment in the region’s transportation infrastructure. Accordingly, policies, strategies, and projects are identified to achieve that vision in a fiscally constrained manner. The LRTP has a planning horizon to year 2045 and is updated every 4 to 5 years in accordance to changing infrastructure needs and new transportation related legislature. Due to MATS being designated as a Metropolitan Planning Organization in 2013, the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan will be the first developed for the Midland area.

Primary components of the plan include:

  • Goals and objectives regarding the region’s transportation system
  • Public and stakeholder input
  • Inventory of current transportation infrastructure
  • Projected roadway deficiencies and other transportation related issues
  • Proposed projects for all modes (road, non-motorized and transit)
  • Strategies to encourage an efficient and accessible transportation network
  • Reasonably expected funding in comparison to projected expenditures
  • Summary of findings
  • Evaluation of identified strategies/projects

Who is involved in LRTP development?

The LRTP is a comprehensive document produced with assistance from community stakeholders, the general public, local transportation agencies, MDOT, and MATS staff. MATS Technical and Policy Committees (include individuals from the previously mentioned groups) are directly involved in creating/reviewing all components of the plan and facilitating its implementation. Development of the LRTP is driven primarily by infrastructure needs as well as general guidance set-forth by the Federal Highway Administration. Please find below recent activities regarding the LRTP including opportunities to get involved.

This spreadsheet summarizes public input received from a survey available both electronically and at the MATS October 14, 2015 Public Open House. Approximately 26 members of the public took the survey anonymously. The data collected displays a wide array of opinions and concerns regarding the MATS transportation system.

Survey results here